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Dawning on me whilst I returned from the east coast, with a few CF cards full of ocean moments and a crusty, sun burnt head, was the realization that I rarely print photos anymore. Obviously things went digital a while back, and the thrill of getting a 36 roll strung through the C42 processor is generally lost in this day and age. After I purchased my first DSLR I was still getting the odd group of shots printed and stuck in an album or mounted. The inspiration for printing this magazine is mainly about a visual record, or documentation if you will, of particular and notable periods in time, such as a ten day plus swell event. Rather than containing a ‘best of’ over the year we kept it to two photographers and the shots are in relative chronological order. Keeping the visual diary aesthetic in mind.


The magazine contains clear divisions in part one and part two. The first section contains a session at Sealife Centre with Jeremy Faulds, Matt Tildesley, Remi Chauvin, Tom Webster and Dick Emery.  There were others present but I don’t recall their names. Travis Hutchins sat with me on the rocks with a busted collarbone from mountain bike riding and we drank two Cascade Lagers and ate pizza from Porks Place. I should have probably gone out but I didn’t and I decided to shoot instead and chat with Trav; always a blast.

The sun that evening was warm on our backs, until it sunk below the fire ravaged tree line that over looks Bicheno, and we had seen enough. Trav and I left whilst the others could still be heard hooting each other into quality lefts as we took off and the night sky crept from mauve to deep purple and shiny star slits appeared.


The second section of the journal sees Geoff Swan arrive with his water housing and some impressive documentation completed with his 50mm lens. The power and cleanliness is not lost and the clarity of shots provide an ‘in the action’ feel, as you see familiar heads pushing over the granite slab and into lime green glory.


Geoff hung around the town for a week and had numerous sessions at the different reefs including Guanos and Aggots. Several of these outings are displayed in the magazine and are duly noted with their respective locations. Whilst he and others harvested at Bicheno I met JB and we did well at Isaacs with some fun wedges before I headed south to Marion Bay and the Peninsula for a few days, scoring fun Boneyards and even a sneaky get in at Roaring, all whilst the Yard strained under the numbers.

Chris Shurman was instrumental in the layout of the zine and offered his opinion on the minimalist approach to design and noted on a few occasions that he wished he’d been present.


This magazine, Eastward, is nothing more than a personal project on our behalf to create something that is real, tangible and can present our photographs in a order that give an overall feel to a particular period in time; if anyone else enjoys flipping them pages then great!

Time had little relevance in the islands. My watch broke and I felt no real need to order a new Casio from Malaysia. It would take a few weeks to arrive anyhow. Sun goes up. Sun goes down.

Work mates from Nyang Nyang Island - 2012


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